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Transformed Counseling Group Series

The groups offered by RCW are named Transformed as this is the hopeful outcome of your experience in the group! We are excited to offer our first group which is a support group for single mothers. We encourage all ages of single mothers to come out for the valuable resources and wealth of information that will be offered at these sessions. Regardless of what led to your singleness- divorce, death of a spouse, absent father, or planned singleness- there is a seat at the table for you! In addition to the resources and guest speakers and influencers, a full breakfast is available. All of this is FREE OF CHARGE to you! We only ask that you let us know you're coming so we can prepare for you. This is an open group- you can attend as many sessions as you would like. Of course, we encourage you to attend them all! This group is offered twice a month for 2 hours: 10-12pm. We will engage in discussion and provide valuable information for the first hour and network and strengthen the community of single mothers for the second hour. Please be on time. The sessions for February and March are available now!

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