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The Internship Experience

This opportunity is for counseling and social work students completing a Master's degree. 

All services of Revive Counseling and Wellness Services (Revive) are designed with the community in mind. The practicum and internship experience has been carefully considered to meet the needs of the student, the academic program and the mission and vision of Revive. 


With this in mind, we have identified the benefits of completing a practicum/internship with Revive: 


Community Experience 

Students will gain a great deal of community exposure including working with community partners to develop relevant and practical therapeutic groups. 


Diverse Population and Services

Revive is contracted with the Department of Human Resources of several counties and serve a diverse group of clients. Interns will have a great opportunity to counsel with clients of diverse race, gender, age, location (if desired), socio-economic status, and more. Additionally, Revive offers a variety of services to include individual counseling, family and group counseling.  

CEU’s, Workshops and Trainings 

A foundational pillar of Revive clinicians is a commitment to continued learning and research. The agency will pay for 2 CEU opportunities for each student (cost within reason and approved). 

Multiple Locations 

Revive is committed to expanding services and physical location into other counties. Services will be further tailored to meet the needs of these communities. 

Paid Practicum/Internships

Revive offers paid practicum and internships as appropriate. A contract is required for paid placements. 

Supervision for ALC’s 

Provisions and certifications are being completed to provide licensure supervision. Therefore, graduates that completed their internship with Revive can complete their supervision at the same location! 

Experience Growing and Developing Personal Practice

As we work to expand the services of Revive, students will have the opportunity to meet with city officials, nonprofit leaders, attend chamber events, business network events and so much more! Hopefully, this will assist by planting a seed for developing their own practice or developing their work within Revive’s growing group practice.  

Requirements for Practicum and Internships:

We value uniformity and professionalism at Revive. Therefore, we will ensure students have business cards, postcards advertising their personal services, a Revive t-shirt and button-down. Because of this and the investment made in their practicum and internship experience, a commitment of 2 semesters is required (regardless of practicum or internship status). Additionally, a successful interview is required to ensure appropriate fit for the student and Revive. 

To apply, please email your resume to 

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